Aborted Operation at BB&B. Know when to GTFO!

Submitted by Subversive_Element in Shoplifting

I was planning this Operation at BB&Beyond for a good two weeks and even had my wife to open the entrance for an instant out.

Recon and intel were solid, knew what I wanted and where it was. My only problem was that there was some sort of management meeting where district managers were literally standing In the main aisle talking sales, etc.

This of course meant every dept. was staffed and I was approached by half a dozen associates. I was going to go for it and I had over a 1000 worth of goods in the cart but I knew it was suicide.

I ended up calling my wife, telling her I “forgot my card”, meaning I’m aborting mission, left the cart, and calmly walked out of the store.

I am part angry and part frustrated, since I hate leaving empty handed, but I know I made the right choice in not attempting a walkout during a time where security was on lockdown. This is a good lesson though, if the store is too hot, drop everything and leave! It’s not worth the risk.



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[deleted] wrote


tookleptotofunction wrote

You aren’t missing a things. BB&B is so easy. The ones I hit don’t even have cameras in the alcohol section. That’s a huge secret of mine.


Larryxkf77 wrote

Good call on leaving. Only thing I would add is when I do this and end up leaving, I put the stuff back on the shelves before I leave, but only if I plan on hitting that same store again. Reason being, a cart full of stuff that gets left behind sometimes gets noticed, so they may look twice next time you come in and get the same items. Obviously this isn't always the case and has only happened to me once and is just this humble man's .02 😛


Subversive_Element OP wrote

I was mad at myself for not taking a couple minutes to do just that. I rarely ever ditch a drop, then again, I rarely ever try a walkout with a full cart of high-end merch, Lol.

During my previous recon the BB&B had about 3 employees minding their own business and 2 at the registers reading magazines and ringing up customers. It was literally bad timing and bad luck to go when management was pulling an expectation.

I’m supposed to be drinking cappuccino from my 400 dollar machine right now 👿


Newt wrote

I remember a couple of times when I was going to hit Walfart, only to find a police car or five parked in front. Definitely not worth the risk.


profiled wrote

glad you escaped, you did the right thing.


iscamuscamweallscam wrote

Better to abort than be in jail... I knew one time I should of aborted and was greedy...never again>>.