Pc games shoplifting

Submitted by Wikileaks in Shoplifting

There's a toys store in a mall really near me and they have a small pc games section, mostly cheap bullshit games but there are 4 games I would like to lift: cod bo4, fifa 19, fallout 76 and some race game I forgot the name of. None of the games they have are in a plastic case. Do they have any other tag that isn't obvious? On a Saturday it would be insanely easy to grab them but I'm not sure if they have tags.


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Uproot wrote

Swiping games are high risk and low reselling cost. If it must, swiping console games will let you resell them for higher prices. They are often more expensive than PC games.

Game stores like GameStop and Best Buy never have the disc or content out in the open. What you saw is only the dummy version, it doesn't even have the game key (if it's downloadable content), and you can only get them at the checkout counter when the clerk replace the dummy with mint ones.

If you want, you can check if they have the discs inside, but often those would be taken out. If the store have RF towers, you damn sure it well has tag.


Wikileaks wrote

I'm not getting them for resell, but for personal use. I'll look if the disc's are in there, but I really think it has. I'm in the Netherlands, a small country, the stores aren't that big and I don't think they'll replace it. Still not sure about the tags tho. It's really easy to grab them when busy, I was there today and I looked, but I'm scared of source tags. There isn't an obvious tag or plastic case on it.