Why "please sir lean your bag there for just a moment"...?

Submitted by chowyunfat in Shoplifting

...before entering dressing rooms in some stores? There is rectangular spot on the wall, let's say 40x40cm, and before entering the dressing rooms with your bag the employee ask you to lean your bag to the spot. After that you can come in. Why is that? Since these are stores where they give you number for no. of items you are carrying, is it that they are checking that you haven't concealed another in the bag, or is it a check for magnets (don't believe so, I mean, you could carry a magnet or tool in your pocket), or somehow checking is your bag of 'special material' ?


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Lostdownunder wrote

I saw a post on tumblr these are magnet detectors. They have black fabric over top of them, and were inside some changerooms. Google vitag fitting room gaurd.


chowyunfat wrote

hmh, there is only one at the entrance of the fitting rooms and it's inside the wall covered wirh some plastic... but probably magnet detector hm of some kind yes


HelpMeSteal wrote

So if they detected magnet, what's to prevent false alarm? Say I have a magnetic implant to keep my fake eye in place. It may trip the alarm, then what? Do I have to take my fake eye out and really creep out the employee and LP so I could try on cloth or claim discrimination against disabled if they try to throw me out for tripping alarm?


tookleptotofunction wrote

Interesting that they want you to lean your bag against it because the technology is good enough that it detects the magnets from a distance. Works like th gates in that if it senses a magnet in the fitting room, the attendant is notified silently on a portable device.