Walmart keys

Submitted by notorious in Shoplifting

okay so i’ve been thinking of buying one of the keys walmart uses to store things behind glass so i can get in and steal shit to resell. is that a bad idea? is there a smarter way? someone please lmk


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tookleptotofunction wrote

Only a bad idea if you get caught using it. Using a key designed for the case or lockpicking tools will raise your charges to felony level. You have to be very fast, accurate, and under the radar to do this. And leave immediately after. Can’t stress that enough.


Subversive_Element wrote

What info do you have on the key/lock/manufacturer/etc? I did a bit of research but couldn’t get enough info on a master key.

Every time I’m at Wally I recon electronics hoping an employee left the key ring laying about. Would I use it? Probably as part of a 2 man op? It’s dangerous for sure.


Popman007 wrote

Depends on what you want from behind the glass. Honestly, like tktf said it definitely raises the level lf the crime charges. I've opened "loose" glass doors in sporting goods before and taken shit I wanted out buy a)I didn't use a tool for that purpose and b)I would have plausible deniability if confronted before concealing, in that I asked for assistance and nobody ever showed up so I got tired of waiting and took what I wanted to buy.

Issue with electronics and such is it's high theft area.

If you are planning to do this with a key, you better be lightning fast, and get what you want and get the fuck out! Also, a disguise at a minimum as depending on value they WILL check the cameras later if noticed.

One idea might be to unlock the cabinet and take one or two things you are not planning to steal and go to "blind" spot to dump them. Then head out. If you get stopped then at least a) you have nothing on you and b) you know they saw you mess with the cabinet. Honestly, there's just so much that has to go right imho for this to work.

  1. You need tools and speed to use them.
  2. Nobody around OR monitoring cameras at that time.
  3. The usual concealment skills.
  4. Decide to buy something (reduce sus) but increase time in store or just leave. I would have to think leaving fast is the best option.
  5. Depending on what and how much you take, they will review cameras and look for you and license plate.

Sorry for the long comment. Good luck on whatever you decide.