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thief wrote

A booster bag would be your best bet but be aware, being in possession of one while shoplifting immediately raises your sentence to a felony no matter the amount you’ve lifted

Otherwise there’s no way to detect them without opening the package


HamSandwich333 wrote (edited )

Use a magnetic field meter. Source tags work by emitting a magnetic signal. Wave it over the item and if there's a reading, there's a tag.


Popman007 wrote (edited )

One idea I've toyed around with is taking a bunch of shit to self check out and scanning it. This deactivates the tags. Then suspend the transaction say that you forgot something in the store. You can then go back in and either conceal or stage for later.

Also you could take a bunch of the item you want and scan them and either buy them and return them or as above cancel the transaction.

I am fairly sure the wonderful employees have no desire to activate the tags again.



scannerman wrote

You can get detectors for 8.2 MHz RF (what some falsely call RFID) tags on alibaba or ebay, but they don't seem to make them for the sensormatic AM tags.

The RF detector is a small device like an airport security wand that beeps or vibrates when you pass it over an active tag


LinenChange wrote

the most common way to "deactivate them" without taking the item out is to use a bag with rfid blocking (this could be tinfoil or those specially made bags)