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Shoplifting Tips from a Loss Prevention Officer Worst Techniques

Wearing out articles of clothing. Opening packages and putting the item in your bag/pockets/whatever. Seriously, don’t take things out of packages. If there are security tags on the packaging, take them off, but for the love of god stop taking things out of packages and leaving behind the empty boxes. It’s really obvious. Carrying whatever it is you’re going to steal around the store for ages looking for a nice empty aisle to conceal it in. Walking around with a bunch of video games in the bath towels makes what you’re about to do fairly obvious. If you were in my store, and you draped your jacket over the stuff in your cart, I’d definitely watch you. People do that kind of stuff to hide what their hands are doing (opening packages, tearing off security sensors, etc). Best Techniques

Make you you actually look like you’re shopping. If you aren’t looking at the prices of items and you’re just grabbing whatever it is you want off the shelf, it looks like a red flag. Concealing the stuff that you want to steal while you’re in line waiting to pay for something else. If we’re following you, and you get in line to pay for all of your stuff, we’re probably going to stop watching you at that point. Don’t take things out of packages! it takes too much time, it makes noise, you leave the the empty package behind and if we see you set down an empty package, even if we didn’t see you stuff the item in your bag/pockets, we’ll probably apprehend you. If you’re going to conceal the merchandise on your person somehow, don’t leave the store right away after you do this. Chill out, browse, use the bathroom (a lot of retail stores have policies like this— once you go into the bathroom, it’s over, we’ve technically lost sight of you). If we lose you for a while, it’s very dangerous to make the apprehension— stores face a huge liability if loss prevention apprehends someone and they decided not to steal the item and left it in the store somewhere. Steal during busy hours of the day, when there are lots of people shopping. Also, if you’re youngish (under 22 or so) and with a group of similarly aged friends, don’t even try. The second a group of teenagers walks in, we’re probably watching them. If you’re going to hide the merchandise on your person somehow, DO IT WHILE YOU’RE WALKING. Don’t stop, look around, and then stuff it. I cannot stress this one enough. It is much harder to see what you’re doing if you’re walking around from aisle to aisle, especially if loss prevention is following you around on foot instead of with CCTV. I’d recommend not concealing merchandise in the bathrooms, but definitely using them after concealing merchandise, because it’s a break in surveillance. I’d recommend concealing a couple things that you don’t really want in addition to what you DO want (on the sales floor, not in the bathrooms), and then leaving the items you don’t want in the bathrooms, because they will check the stalls. Confusion is key!


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Lobodax wrote

I agree never wear out clothing or shoes. The LP does not even have to follow you around the store he just needs to wait to see if you pay then stop you because it is obvious you have the item. This goes for loading backpacks/duffles/or suitcases. They don't have to see what you have in the bag if you are stealing the bag. I know that this method can be very lucrative but I don't recommend it for beginers.

I don't support the concealing in the check-out because of all the places in the store you know has cameras are pointed at them. Also just by your admission that it is a weak spot for your floor walking so some LP will realize that it is a common ploy so they will not break surveillence when you get in line. Then you are on camera concealing and depending on your state laws concealment is theft and video is great in court.

While ducking into a bathroom is a good habit, never count on it being your savior. There will always be some cocky LP that will trust his gut and experience and disregard the 100% surveillance rule and make the stop.


zx1300 wrote

"Don’t take things out of packages!" This is extremely true. It seems like a good idea when starting out to do that, but as one grows more skilled one realizes that leaving things behind leaves you more likely to be confronted.


SeasonedShoplifter wrote (edited )

You know what's interesting about that is that where I come from, taking some items out of it's case to look at it is completely normal.


NotReallyMeTho wrote

I also co-sign the conceal in line move. My theory also validated (a bit more) that floorwalkers/LPs stop following you once you’re in line to pay so I appreciate the post/info.


cakeater7 wrote

Concealing at the checkout is very good advice. I also concealed while weaving through aisles bc I assumed it must be hard to get to the right camera on time without losing track of me. Is that right? If u losing a particular high value items after inventory checked do u review video to see who's selecting merchs from the shelves and investigate from there? I'm asking bc I'm probably responsible for cleaning out a particular items at a couple of stores and is a little worried about it. In hindsight I should have spread out my lifts to more stores but I'm too lazy to drive further out.


SeasonedShoplifter wrote

I love this. I've already read up on a lot of those and this will be helpful for others.

I don't ever lift with others, even though I am under 22. I can't trust anybody my age.


chadonion wrote

what do you mean by wearing out?


NoobDude99 wrote

I think he’s referring to lifting a clothing item and putting it on before you leave


Lobodax wrote

Entering the store and putting on clothes or shoes and then wearing them when you exit the store as if they belong to you.