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iscamuscamweallscam wrote

my whole last house ended up hoarded this way, I had depression and craft stores and easy stores filled my car then my rooms then my whole damn house with stuff just dumb easy stuff. I moved out and left rooms of shit there dumb I am mentally together I lift for personal use or profit. or It is just a waste of space in my bag. lol


lmaolit wrote

Almost daily when I'm getting a lot of stuff.


cakeater7 wrote

Sometimes I lift so much in one day I drive back home and opened the car door and all this other merchs spilled out and I think to myself "Oh, nice! I forgot I lifted that also this morning." LOL


Popman007 wrote

Lol. No but I have lifted something and went to another store later and forgot it was still on me.

And I had many times I forgot i lifted something until i find it again.