Can you just take untagged items

Submitted by Wikileaks in Shoplifting (edited )

Hi, I'm completely new to shoplifting and I have a question. Do products that not have an obvious security tag any other security? I know clothes do but I mean stuff like food in packages, makeup or small electronics kiem chargers and earphones. Probably a stupid question but I'm really not sure if you can just walk out with those things.


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chocolatefreckle wrote

Yes, you can. They are as good as yours.


Wikileaks wrote

That's nice to hear xd. But I'm still unsure. There's a great store for shoplifting near me, that sells a lot of different things for cheap, all untagged. Im not even sure but I thought it has those security things at the exit. (English is not my native language and I don't know what it's called) why are those there?


Thoozer28 wrote

Risking getting caught stealing cheap things??? Why bother? Before you steal anything else you need to read about 20 or so pages of info on this forum.