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I used to get high end eyeshadow palettes all the time. Now they have a beeping security thing on all of them. What is it? Should I avoid them?


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tookleptotofunction wrote

I don’t know why everyone is so scared of the LM tags. They are completely stupid. They stick them ON THE BOX. Pull the product out of the box and toss the box under a shelf in a blind spot. (They will find it slower than if you put an empty box back on the shelf and likely other people will have ditched packaging and tags there too if it’s an obvious blind spot.)


Deeitcock wrote

They’re called light and motion tags, it’s best to avoid them. But if you still want high end palletes I’ll tell you how I got past them. Check to see if the tag has been activated by moving the palette around. If it doesn’t beep or blink, you’re good. (My store forgot to activate them on the ABH palletes and I got away with two of them) take it to a blind spot, mine is in the hair tools aisle. Take it out of the box and put just the palette in your purse and put the box back in its place. I would recommend leaving the store after doing that though. Because they could see that you took it and put it back and if they feel the box is empty they could question you.