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ziq wrote

Doesn't the state have grain silos snd other food stocks for emergencies? Seems like liberating those would be an idea.



I don’t need a shutdown to loot a store but I wish the people affected by this shutdown Godspeed.


HelpMeSteal wrote

I believe people are covered through most of February and it's rare for the government to be shut down for long. The current one is already a record at 23 days and counting. It's going to take some stupid tantrum to keep the government shut down for another month, many organizations that depended on paychecks are already breaking down such as public parks and TSA staff at airport.


Uproot wrote (edited )

Weird that I recognize this grocery store?


Pop wrote

looks like a generic grocery store image to me

could be a hundred that look just like this


Thoozer28 wrote

Crazy that they can't find a middle ground. No one wants to concede an inch. United we stand, divided we fall...


conseil wrote

What kind of middle ground should there be between "enact racist policies that cost billions of dollars" and "don't do that"?

The middle ground is bullshit.


0x0BADB105 wrote (edited )

Funny how "compromise" always means giving the owner class or fascists exactly or most of what they want and never conceding anything to the left or the public interest. Liberals that are obsessed with being compromising and reasonable(read: utterly spineless and without any real moral values) get so fucking hoodwinked when the overton window gets yanked out from underneath them, but they never fail to fall to the reactionary side of things. Unironically compromise is a spook. If we were in 1940's germany these bloodless goons would have applauded only exterminating half the jews.

Edit to elaborate: The idea that politics are just petty difference-settling is inherently reactionary. The working class is constantly fighting just for survival. Saying that the poor claiming that they should have a right to a dignified existence where they don't have to get hookworm or drink leaded water(America is literally a third world country with about a dozen pockets of commerce) and people who are literally richer than JD Rockefeller and anyone else alive during the Gilded Age(in both absolute wealth and in proportion of total value in circulation) complaining about how some of their ill-gotten gains being taken away after a certain cutoff point by a marginal tax is absolutely asinine and needs to be recognized for the extreme and heavily biased statement that it is. There is nothing neutral or compromising about it.


Thoozer28 wrote

Like I said. Divided we fall.


0x0BADB105 wrote

"If you just gave the bully your lunch money there wouldn't be any conflict here! Stop dividing us! We need to compromise!"

What are you, the Associated Press? I'm perfectly happy to make a division between my side and those too spineless to oppose overt fascism and authoritarianism out of some misguided sense of "fairness" or "civility". Do I have to spell it out for you?

Not wasting billions that could be used to provide health care or basic infrastructure to build a functionless, utterly useless monument to xenophobia and ignorance is the non-extreme option here, yet here you are acting like it's on the same level as doing so. Both-sides-ism doesn't work when only one side is extreme.

I'm saying this regardless of whether or not you're trolling since it needs to be said. Anyway, low energy troll. I refuse to believe that anyone has such a lack of understanding of what neutrality is.


Thoozer28 wrote

Why should I pay for your health care or anyone else's? I have a job and I pay for my own healthcare. You contradict yourself when talk about "fairness"; you want to use my tax dollars to pay for some illegal alien to take advantage of our healthcare system? How is that fair? What's fair is following the legality of the system and entering the country under a work visa and then applying for a green card to eventually become a citizen

In 2014 the dems said border needed to be fixed but now they're backdown? The dems have realized they've lost touch with the working middle class and they're looking for votes any where they can get them for 2020. They're compromising the condition of the union to regain power, pinky and the brain style.

Also, a wall is basic infrastructure.


conseil wrote (edited )

You seriously complaining about people needing medical treatment being too expensive while you're posting on a shoplifting forum?

Why do you get to redistribute the goods to yourself but they don't deserve a fuckin' trip to the ER?

Also, who the fuck supports the Dems? Who gives one shit what they said?

I also find it cute that you want compromise for a wall yet brought up your total opposition to healthcare for those who need it; which way is it? Compromise or not? Or is it that you just want your right wing policies enacted?


Thoozer28 wrote

Redistribute the goods? In fact it's a law that no one can be denied care at the E.R. I thought you saw that movie John Q with your boi Denzel.

The illegal immigrants support the dems, that's why this is a huge issue for them.

I never opposed health care for those who need it. It just shouldn't be "free" unless it's "free" for all. If you wanted free health care please move to Sweden and be taxed at %60 and up.


conseil wrote

The illegal immigrants support the dems, that's why this is a huge issue for them.

Okay, and I still don't really care about Dem opinions. I don't oppose people based on their political linings.

It just shouldn't be "free" unless it's "free" for all. should be?

If you wanted free health care please move to Sweden and be taxed at %60 and up.

'If you want X, move to Y' is a weak argument. I'd hate living in Sweden anyway, their government is too far right.


0x0BADB105 wrote

"What's fair is following the legality of the system"

Thanks for admitting that you think slavery and the Holocaust were fair, dipshit. Law is not a moral barometer.

No, I don't want your tax dollars unless you're making millions per annum, because that's how progressive taxes and marginal brackets work. The ultra rich absolutely love morons like you, because you'll argue until you're blue in the face for them about how they should keep all the shit they get by sitting around doing nothing and exploiting workers like you. Don't like government taxes? Your boss taxes what you produce at 80% or more already.

Why would I give a shit what dems say? Of course the democratic party sucks. I agree. The party needs to be dismantled and replaced with a real labor party. Most people in this country are struggling to get by. Socialism is gaining support because it speaks to people's material conditions. Either way, you probably don't realize just how close you are to needing that universal healthcare. You know that's what universal means, right? People who need it get it? 40% of regular fucking citizens can't currently afford a $1000 expense. What about people who have jobs that can't pay for healthcare? What if you lose your job? You act like it's a fucking crime against humanity to help the sick and injured.

A wall is not basic infrastructure. Aside from being totally ineffective unless it has even more resources constantly poured into it for patrols, armaments, etc. that would cost far more than than a few billion, it does absolutely nothing to help anyone on any side of it. Maybe we should make sure that no one is getting hookworm or drinking leaded water or dying from minor medical problems that never get fixed and get worse over time or unable to find housing in cities with 10 times as many empty homes as homeless first.

Your language about "illegal aliens" when talking about universal healthcare instead of some line about your fellow citizens not being deserving betrays what you're really afraid of. People like you depress me. I'd hate to be such a bloodless, empathy-void troglodyte. You work for a living. That makes you a prole. I'm on your side here, dumbass. But you just love the taste of those boots, don't you. You're so fucking close to understanding it. Working moms on food stamps and immigrants who overstay their visas aren't the problem here, it's the bloodsucking capitalists who are extracting value from working people like you. That's what's unfair. The only contradiction here is you acting like they earned it by exploiting you.


RosaReborn wrote

Why would I pay for your healthcare when I can have a system that just makes me overpay for my own?? Are you an investment banker? I'm pretty sure you can only save money with a medicare-for-all deal.

Also, a wall is basic infrastructure.

Yeah for a fucking house it is, not the middle of the desert