Got caught on my first walkout at ₩alm@rt. I need advice, and please, learn from my mistakes.

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I need advice. Also, learn from my mistakes. I had a walkout planned at a ₩@1m@rt far from me. I primarily needed food and a few house goods like paper towels, tampons, and utensils. I brought my reusable bags, had an old receipt, and parked as far away as possible. I dressed nicely, shopped normally, loading my stuff up in my bags. It was all going fine, I was never sussed. Then it comes time to walk out. I walk through an empty check out lane, seeing the receipt checker away from the station. She's a different one then the one that was there when i entered. It's then I realize I lost my old receipt. No problem, I think to myself, checker isn't even there. I pretend to call someone, and about 2 feet from the door, she returns. I continue on my way, so close to the sweet escape when she puts her hand on my cart. She asks to see my reciept.

I pretend to pull away from the call for a moment, to dig through my bags, hoping I could find the old reciept I threw in there. I knew I threw it in there. I couldn't find it. Panic. I tell her I must have left it at self checkout because I was sure I grabbed it. I thought she would just send me back to check and I could dump and run. No, she took my cart and went to check with me. At this point, I was still thinking I could wriggle my way out of this. Someone just took my reciept right? Sorry, I swear I paid for it. But no, they go to check the system for my purchase. They make me point out a register that I "went through" and asked what I paid with. They took me to customer service to go through this process. I made up something and then was like, look, I've got a meeting soon I gotta go, so I'll go through, buy everything again, and when I find the reciept at home, I'll just come back. Lol I knew that wasn't going to work but I was desperate. All these SA's are looking at me. At this point I consider just bolting, but I knew it was too late. There were too many people who could stop me and I am not fast. The SAs are like we're just gonna look for you through the cameras and if we see you you're fine. Enter me just sweating bullets. Everything I've ever learned flew out the window. So I pull the main sA to the side and I'm like "look I'm so sorry but I didn't pay blah blah blah it's my first time, I don't want to waste anymore of your time, I'll pay for everything blah blah blah." She was super nice and was basically like "okay, I gotta talk to my manager, but it's okay."

Then this rude ass customer who just looked at me and was like "What did you learn in school? God you're a piece of scum." Then she turned to her son and was like "Don't be an idiot like her." I had half a mind to just turn around and say "I only learned the fucking quadratic equation bitch." But I refrained because I was scared shitless.

I go and the SA begins ringing up my items. I figured it was just to total my stuff because the SA was trying to call her manager but he wasn't answering. Then the main SA tells another SA to finish ringing me up and to enter code 161 when she's done and walks away to deal with the growing line of angry customer. I make small talk with this new SA, hoping being nice to everyone will save my ass. After bagging up all my stuff, she asks me cash or card. At this point I was like, oh, I'm getting to pay for these items but I'll probably still have to sign something that says I'll never come back and deal with security. I paid with card (which is a no-no I know but the total was more than I expected and I didn't have that much cash on me, and I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to pay) and she hands me a receipt and tells me to have a good day.

I was shocked. I took the reciept, walked away, packed up my car, and vowed to never return and to take a break from lifting. I'm still shook up honestly. I don't know if that SA was supposed to let me go or not but I'm thankful either way. I know that I was beyond lucky that I didn't get anything more, especially because my total ended up being $262 which is over the w@1m@rt's $250 limit.

I am still concerned though since I paid with card. Will they track me? Will they send me something in the mail? Will they tell my bank? Should I "lose" my card and get a new one? I wasn't IDed or asked for my name or anything, so the only real thing they could trace me down for was my card. Since they just let me pay and walk though, do they really care enough to do that?

Overall, here's a breakdown of what I think I did wrong:

  • I think this reciept checker might have seen me enter the checkout line, only to exit a few seconds later. That's sus af. I should have gone down to the other side to exit.

  • I lost my reciept which (obviously) was a big issue. Maybe bring more then one reciept

  • I stopped for the checker even though it wasn't completely my choice.

  • I panicked and forgot everything I've learned. Be comfortable enough that you won't forget stuff, and always always have a plan B.

-I had too much stuff. The people repeatedly said they would have let me just go without the reciept if I hadn't had so much stuff. Plus I had a clothes steamer because I got greedy, and for some reason the checker was very concerned about me needing to return it.

Overall, I should have just left when i realized I didn't have my old reciept, and I definitely shouldn't have been greedy and grabbed so much stuff. If you do have thoughts though on my concerns, please let me know.


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negroni wrote (edited )

Yeah if you're going to do a walkout, you gotta have the balls to follow through because you already own the items.

Imagine if you did pay and forgot your receipt at the checkout. You're a nicely dressed business lady and you're very busy. You would likely be annoyed at having to waste your time trying to prove your innocence to a bunch of lowly ₩@1m@rt slaves. You might even tell them to get their hands off your stuff, and just keep on walking. That's the attitude you gotta internalize for walkouts...


Brockhampton9830 wrote

Oh god, it is the fucking worst when loyal, law-abiding citizens try to be white knights in the situation you were in. You could have completely gotten away with it if you had enough cash to pay for it. I always bring more than enough cash when I lift to pull this off if I get caught. You can receive a order to pay restitution, but you can wipe your ass with it and hope nothing comes from it. Stay Safe.


ravens wrote

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe they can’t legally stop you if they want to check your receipt. They can ask to see if, but if you say no, they can’t do anything about it.


RobinsHood wrote

I don't think they can, but I panicked. Plus, the lady there apparently gave 0 shits about the legality of it.


Insidejob wrote

There is a procedure they must follow.

They ask for a receipt and you say yes then they check if the correct items/store/date are on it. If not then they are supposed to ask if you want to pay for the unpaid merchandise. Either they take you to pay or take the items back. You may be discussed around the front end but you'll probably be forgotten.

They ask for a receipt and you say no. They are supposed to contact a CSM or directly get with AP. They are supposed to describe the event in detail and give a description of you and the time it happened. If they respond quickly then you will be looked into and if they find something you will be remembered. If communication is good then chances are the door host will remember you and will contact AP if they see you come in again.

If you set off an alarm while the door host is there regardless of you stopping or not they have to write down the event in a book. The times the towers go off are supposed to be logged as per store policy.


Phoenix_Amour wrote

They can and will legally stop the shopping cart from going anywhere they don't want it to go if they're given the chance because it belongs to the store.


Larryxkf77 wrote

Not true. They can only "legally" stop the cart IF they suspect you of shoplifting. If they are stopping you just to see your receipt, then it's completely illegal and you are now being held against your will. I know you got caught up in the moment, but that's what you could have said to the checker..."are you accusing me of shoplifting?". If she says no, I just need to see your receipt, that's when you say no thanks, have a good day and walk right past the bitch


jert_the_gnarwhal wrote

Maybe my reasoning abilities are failing me but it seems to me that as long as they're not preventing you from grabbing the bags with the stuff you bought out of the cart and continuing on your way then you're not being "held against your will." Am I not understanding something here? There's stores I've been to that put poles vertically on all they're shopping carts so to prevent the carts from being taken any further than the entrance and exit doors. Wouldn't this be considered being detained, given your logic?


Larryxkf77 wrote

Yea, you're right I should've worded it better. Like you said, as long as they're not stopping you from taking your bags, it's legal. My bad


Spudnuts wrote

Yep, this.

The other thing is to grab the bags out of the trolley and keep on going to the exit.

Fuck em.


zeebra wrote (edited )

You're too nice. Next time be a bitchy career woman who has a good job and a busy life and no time to waste at a discount store. Tell them to get their hands off your stuff and leave. Do not ever stop for an employee or some rude nosy customer.


glenna0 wrote

This is my M.O. I act outraged and insulted and tell them I'm calling corporate. The managers/employees try to intimidate you, I just intimidate them right back.


Gizmo wrote

In all honesty you are entirely too nice to be doing this sort of thing. I had a lady at walmart grab my cart one time as I walked out and I physically jerked it from her hands and told her to keep her F'ing hands off my cart and kept going. That is how you have to be. You have to be a bitch if they do stuff like that or this sort of thing will happen.


Insidejob wrote

In this scenario chances are they will not forward it to AP. If they do then it wont be looked into very much since you didnt actually leave with unpaid for merchandise. They cant follow it any further since theft hasnt taken place. They might try to get a look at your face but the AP themself will not remember you.

That door host and SA that helped you will remember you so even if you avoid that store for 6 months and encounter the same door host or SA then they will get with someone about it.

They door hosts and SA that cover the door are supposed to get in the way of a cart they want to stop. If they are physically blocking the cart then its less likely for the cart to escape. Once the cart is blocked they wont move until they check the receipt.

You can argue and you will draw attention to yourself and be remembered. The only time people refuse to show their reciepts is when they are up to no good. Out of the 100 people who say no there will be 2 who are legit. This is based on their experience. If you deviate from the norm then you will be remembered.

You can push them out of the way or run them down but if you do that even if you paid then polive will be called. They will want to file assult charges for that. You will be in big trouble if you get caught. Your best bet is to grab your personal stuff and bail. If you dont come up with a good excuse you will be remembered.

If you play dumb and be nice they are more likely to cooperate with you. Customer service is number one. In you scenario you couldve told them you needed to use the restroom and just left the store.


DapperDan wrote (edited )

You gotta keep on truckin.I had a keurig in my cart and the receipt checker asked for my receipt in which I politely declined and kept walking.Behind me I heard sir and he needs to stop but a few more steps and I was out of the store and on to my car.No one followed me and nothing came of it.


ElectroKool wrote

Did the receipt checker as you to stop or a random customer. It’d be difficult for me to do this because I’m a people pleaser and it goes against my personality.