Airpods and Shoes?

Submitted by chadonion in Shoplifting

hey guys, i need some locations that have airpods or shoes (Nike, Jordan’s, Vans, etc..) preferably the least risky, at least for now.. (Felony got reduced and all i gotta do now is community service)


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Arsene_Lupin wrote

I went to two diferent @pple stores, and neither had AirPods where the other headphones were, leading me to believe that they're stocked in the back. The @pple store honestly would've been the easiest place to get AirPods from, considering I managed to easily get a pair of BeatX, but now you might have to scout different tech shops (which 100% will have better security than @pple)

For shoes I'm not quite sure, perhaps an outlet?


CBDCandy wrote (edited )

Aple has been sold out of these. My regular go to spot is dry.


ElectroKool wrote

Can you make a post on any sneaker success story. If you’re a sneakerhead you won’t find any heat, so get ready to resell and buy stuff you like.


chadonion wrote

i’m just tryna get some shoes, i stole a pair like a year ago, and i still have them..


ElectroKool wrote

If any shoes are fine Jć Henney, K0h1s, N0rdstem R@ck, or any large store that leaves the shoe boxes out are good. Mostly see vans and converse if u can find ur size. Ro$$, Márshálls, and DJ Máxx. Any off brand shoes too H&N or Zärâ.


chocolatefreckle wrote

Last pair of shoes I lifted were court shoes for squash. Put them on my feet, went into the change rooms wearing them and detached the tags. Put them into my tote bag and left wearing my normal shoes.


Brockhampton9830 wrote

Nike Outlet Store. Will chase, but the tags just pop off with a magnet. 50/50 chance of being chased tho. Always crowded.


ElectroKool wrote

Scared shitless of being chased. Seen videos where people just eat it from being tackled by employees or tripped by customers.