UNIQL0 Heads Up (UK)

Submitted by Arsene_Lupin in Shoplifting

Went to a shopping centre today, and one of the shops I hit up was UNIQL0.

As soon as I went in, I noticed only a couple of security guards at the entrance and little to no LP. After checking the clothes, I realised none of them were seemingly tagged, but because of cameras I couldn't just bag them.

Thankfully, the store had two floors, so I just used the elevator (which luckily didn't have any cameras) as a safe area to conceal a sweatshirt. The towers, however, started beeping as soon as I left the store. I got called back by the guard, who ran up to me and asked me to come back. I complied, and managed to talk myself out of trouble.

Things to take away from this:

  • UNIQL0 probably has RFID in the price tags, seeing as I am 100% positive there were no actual plastic tags
  • Be polite and comply to security's demands and you can probably talk yourself out of the situation you got into


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Floral_Thief wrote

Good to know. And well played being polite... I would have jumped out of my skin the moment the alarm went off πŸ˜‚


Arsene_Lupin wrote

I figured it was my best bet, seeing as the security guard was only a few meters behind me. I wasn't sure as to whether or not they were allowed to drag me back by force, but I didn't wanna find out.

My contigency plan was apologising profusely, maybe shed a few tears, and beg for forgiveness lmao


ElectroKool wrote

Oof. I need to look up the laws for security guards. If the store has a no-chase / no-touch policy, does that apply to the security guarss or only LP?


Arsene_Lupin wrote

Certainly applies to LP and sales assistants, but I'm not sure about security guards, as more often than not I think they're hired from a third party company.


Brockhampton9830 wrote

You mentioned expecting security tags, did you have a detacher on you? It's apparently a felony to possess one. Did they pat you down for one?


Arsene_Lupin wrote (edited )

I had two Neodymium magnets which I took from hard drives, but they were too weak to remove tags, as I tried them at some other stores. They didn't pat me down for anything, which could either mean they don't have towers that detect magnets, or my magnets were simply too weak.

I was only asked to open my bag. They asked me if I had bought that, and I replied a friend of mine did as I pointed vaguely outside the store. They asked for a receipt and I said my friend had one, but he was gone, so they went to check if the item was paid for. (Unsuprisingly) it wasn't. I pretended to be shocked and they asked to check for more items. After they didn't find any, they let me off with a warning.


chocolatefreckle wrote

When you bagged it did you leave the price tags on it or something? Take them off tooβ€” looks more legitimate that you came in with it.