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Just wanted to say a quick hello from the UK... it's my first time posting but I've been reading posts on here for a while.

I've been lifting for a few months now, but no intention of doing large hauls just yet.. Mainly for personal use for my family.

I thought I'd share a little bit about why I started lifting incase anyone's interested

A couple years ago we had some serious medical stuff go down so my partner had to work while I stayed at home. During this time partners visa was declined for no reason so they couldn't work, and we would have to go to court. money became non existent , and we weren't entitled to any government help because of partners visa status (even though we have a baby)... Things became desperate and at its worst (hadn't eaten for days) I had to bin dive from the old bakery I used to work at so my family wouldn't go hungry ... How sad is that.. Even then I never considered lifting! Now things have levelled out for us ie both working and immigration stuff is resolved we are still living pay cheque to pay cheque, behind on bills and seriously have no life other than work, sleep repeat..

Then one infamous day I was speaking to a friend who mentioned how easy it was to lift at a local UK supermarket... And it CLICKED!!!!!!!! From then I found this page and read and read and read until there was nothing else to read and I eventually plucked up the courage to try the self checkouts , after doing that a few times I knew it wasn't sustainable and now prefer to conceal and just avoid the self checkouts all together. It feels so good being able to feed my child healthy food, get the clothes and stuff they need, and even get a new pair of trousers or a top for myself just because! All while putting some money away to pay off bills etc

Anyway thanks for reading, sorry for rambling and I apologise for the bad grammar Stay safe everyone


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Blind_spot wrote (edited )

It does feel good to feed your family healthy food, I agree. It’s one of the main reasons I lift. There was illness in my immediate family as well. Welcome to the forum and Stay safe.


Floral_Thief wrote

Ah man sorry you've gone through similar... It's tough juggling everything isn't it!? Hoping your relative is better now though. It's been great meeting others on here :) Stay safe and thanks for the comment


ThinOakSlump wrote

From then I found this page and read and read and read until there was nothing else to read

same!! and now im starting to become more ambitious.

i'm also from the UK. if you install Signal and make an account, then PM me your number ill add you to a group chat for only UK lifters!


Floral_Thief wrote

Nice one. I have an iPhone 5 that doesn't wanna let me install new apps 😂 Maybe next thing on my list to lift is a new phone haha. Feel free to DM me though, and when I sort out the app situation I'll drop you a line . Stay safe :) and love reading your stories


ThinOakSlump wrote

thanks, i’ve got another story cooking.

and yeah if you’re serious about a new phone you could steal Beats products from Pear StoreS and sell them for 85% of the price on ebay. easy, kinda.


Five_fingers_mcgee wrote

Get it mamma! You gotta do what you need to for your family