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Pop wrote

It's more ethical than giving money to huge predatory supercompanies


Insidejob wrote

I grew up in a poor household and learned from close family. We could never really afford to have nice things. I started with stealing school supplies and books so I wouldn't strain my parents financially. I took a break for years when I got a job but between big debts and not being able to survive on my paycheck I started back up. Its frustrating not being able to afford having nice things or live comfortably so being poor is my excuse


tookleptotofunction wrote

My standard issue answer is “I like free shit,” but truth be told I am solidly on the kleptomania/compulsive shoplifter specrtrum. Some might think my name on here is just to be tongue in cheek, but there is a very dark truth behind it. I won’t get into everything, but let’s just say a research psychologist would have a field day with me because I’m a walking DSM-5.


Oshaleigh wrote

I’m a 34 yo mom. My husband and I both work full time but simply don’t make enough to make ends meet. So I take things we need to save our money for bills. My husband has no idea because I handle the finances and he wouldn’t be cool with it. I’ll go on my lunch break. I have an office job so I’m always dressed nicely so no one ever suspects me.


crucial_taunt wrote

I'm a stay at home mom and I can't really afford any hobbies so I steal fancy cheese and nuts and the expensive dish soap that I normally wouldn't buy and stuff. things that my husband won't notice cause he isn't cool with my hobby even though he's got a history way badder than the occasional $50 grocery store hauls I make.


j0hn_d0e wrote

"I'm the modern day robin hood. Steal from the rich and give too the poor... I am the poor."


NewbMcGee wrote

I've got a genetic condition where I get tumors on the regular. Drowning in medical debt and can't hang onto a job because of all the doctors appointments. Id always pocketed little things every now and then, but I just got tired of getting screwed by the system. So now it's a thing.


I_buy_shit wrote

This was a lifestyle for me.

I could retire early at this point if I wanted. I used lifting to pay off my student loans. I lifted tons of computer equipment so I could get a high paying job that allows me to work from home. I used the same proceeds to get a bar code printer so I could buy stuff cheaply that I could not lift. I bought a house a couple years ago and used my lifting profits to double up on my mortgage. My house and two cars are paid off. Over the last 15+ years I have maxed out my 401k and Roth IRA from the profits.

About 2-3 years ago I really had 0 reason to lift. I have lifted to buy nicer things... eg. I have a 500 Wolf table top oven that I would never pay that much for. last year I redid my entire wardrobe, Heritage 54 jeans, Patagonia, North Face, Arcterx... etc.

I just bought two duplexes so I am about to become a slum lord... I lifted every tool I need to do my own plumbing, framing, woodworking, tiling.. and I can do it with a high degree of skill. This point going forward I am not sure what I will be doing. I don't even bother to lift at Walmart because nothing there interests me or is too much effort to pickup what I want. It is easier to go to Best Buy and lift a few things, flip them, and buy what I want and have a warranty on the item. But there are so few things I want and literally nothing I need.

I learned a long time ago to keep my emotions in check so I don't give away body language or facial expressions. If you really want to up your game read books on "Games people play", "Reading body language", "Influencing friends" and "Counter espionage". The ideas, theories, and best practices in these books will help you blend in, put people at ease and also help you in ever aspect of life. ... Thus, it has been a decade plus since I last felt a rush from lifting. There is no emotion in lifting for me it is just an ends to pay a bill or buy some new toy that I don't really need.


dreameater wrote

“Things that never happened” for $400 please


I_buy_shit wrote

shrug You don't need to believe it...

I guarantee if you spent 2-3 hours a day lifting, selling and did this while traveling weekly you could easily make a grand a week.

Have a partner, live on only one income... Take 10% of your salary and invest in yourself.. none of this is rocket science.. this is general advice any good parent or mentor will tell you to do this.

Once you lift high end clothes you are able to go to higher end stores and blend in. If you are able to travel you can hit stores once a year and not give a shit if your face is on camera. Then lift small items that sell for $100 or more and they are in high demand...

But I am not here to argue with you nor am I hear for upvotes. I hope those younger than me will take some advice that I have learned or others taught me and apply it to their life. Make a few bucks, keep working towards your dream, and enjoy life along the way. Some of the best advice is take what you can use and let the rest rot.


lmaolit wrote

Just curious what you flip from best buy and other places if you don't mind me asking. I've been trying boosting out lately more than I used to just because I realized how easy it is to make quick cash if you know what you're doing. I've been lifting apple 4k tv's mainly if im getting something to flip just because I figure they're the easiest guaranteed profit, but i'd like to know others, thanks either way :)


I_buy_shit wrote

I normally look for items that are either flat or small: Ipad Pro keyboards, Microsoft Surface keyboards, Hard drives,


I_buy_shit wrote

Ipad keyboards sell for $110 pretty quickly. Microsoft surface keyboards sell for $80. Kindle Oasis for $180 6Tb hard drives for $130


lmaolit wrote

Thanks for the insight! I always wondered if ipad keyboards would be profitable but I guess now I know, totally with you on things that are flat since they are easy as fuck to conceal. welp I know where im going tomorrow :) gracias once again


zx1300 wrote

Could you please explain the bar code method and some of your advanced methods? Bestbuy seems impossible to take from.


I_buy_shit wrote

Best Buy, like any store, can be easy or hard based on the store that you visit.

shit, the master list thread got deleted and I detailed a good bit about Best Buy...

  1. When you enter Best Buy you want to check for several things; these will give you an idea of of the sophistication of the store. Well before you enter check crime stats for the area in general. In the parking lot check the corners of the store for cameras. Once you walk through the entry doors wait in the vestibule area and glance at the camera monitor.
  2. If the monitor is only focused on area of the store this is good. This is a store that is using analog cameras. The recording is going to be 720p or lower resolution. The operator also has to cycle through each screen and that system is a bitch to operate quickly.
  3. If you see a screen showing multiple screens then know that this store has an upgraded camera system using all digital and the cameras are all 1080p or 4k. What this means is this store can store camera data for months or years. The resolution will be good enough they can zoom in on you with just the software and be able to read a North Face label. These systems allow the operator to observe multiple areas of the store at once.
  4. If the operator screen is blacked out this likely mean they have a digital system and are using a privacy screen.
  5. At this point you decide you want to tag this store. Walk around the store a week before. See if items are secured. Does the bathroom have a camera outside the door or in the hallway. What do the blind spots look like.
  6. I prefer to conceal in the bathroom. If the item uses a wrap and is the small ones I remove it and flush it. I open the boxes to make sure I find any hidden tags. Best Buy has been known to open items, put an RF tag in it and re-shrink wrap. This is usually only done in high shrink stores and is also against their policy but managers are assholes. Once I have the merchandise hidden on me I immediately leave. I never stop even if someone says something to me.
  7. referencing the earlier numbers. When I encounter a BB that has the screen behind a privacy shield I tend to stay away. What most people don't know is that some BB have a room with multiple monitors that are monitored by one or more people. And some also have plain clothes detective in additon to the room and the person up front.

Blind_spot wrote

I lift because:

  • financial savings (due to having Asperger’s syndrome in the family, my career didn’t work out) -wasn’t given a chance to agree or disagree with the system -there are different branches of law. There is something called inherent rights. Basically nobody has to follow criminal law -corporations suck the life out of society -huge rush from lifting

cakeater7 wrote

Besides the financial saving the biggest benefits of this lifestyle is it's a mood booster. I get really motivated into getting things done like exercising and mudane chores that I always put off doing.


zx1300 wrote

I have a story behind it (check out my other posts), but to put it simply: I do it to save money and to get back at society.


panritethegr8 wrote

Plain and simple I'm a junkie, and it's the most reliable way I know to keep myself, and a couple of other people who depend on me, well without having to resort to taking from working class people, or become a fucking parasite and deal the same drugs that dictate my every waking moment. I try to earn a little grace each haul and get someone who is struggling to stay afloat expensive but totally nessesary items that they may otherwise have difficulty aquiring (winter coats, school shoes work boots) I even dedicated a day to household items for a few of the homies which I tend to let go for 1/3 retail if not just gifted outright otherwise tide and dawnAxe and Gillette just wouldn't be worth my time honestly.


JailMagpie wrote

I dont have enough money left after paying rent, bills, groceries etc to support my hobbies.

So I just take what I can get away with taking.


FormerRetailStoreManager wrote

It started as a way to have my former employer pay restitution to me. I enjoyed the thrill of having free stuff. Now it has turned into an addiction and compulsion.


A_Plus wrote

FREE > PAYING MONEY!! Simple as that. hahaha

Fellas and ladies, there's no need to make excuses like I'm poor or I have a medical condition because rich people with no medical condition steal and commit fraud. Just enjoy the free SHITTT you've been able to get over time. hahaha


Spudnuts wrote

I don't really enjoy it, but I do it to eat, and to pay the bills.

If I had a decent well paying job, I'd probably quit.


Thiefheyitsyou wrote

I don't want to pay for it also I'm not rich really if I was rich I would actually pay for it but I'm not so I shoplift


DinosaurGroper wrote

Having BPD (Borderline personality) and fighting constant suicidal thoughts, lifting helps me not feel so empty all the time. I lift to afford meds, therapy appts, food and gas. The rest is stuff homeless people usually need like blankets pillows etc. Our so called richest nation cant afford food and warm blankets to its citizens in need but helps feed the rest of the world first? or sky high med bills that other countries provide for very little or free?


punkprivilege wrote

I'm the same, the empty feeling i get because of my bpd is the worst and lifting makes it slightly easier to deal with


Floral_Thief wrote (edited )

to feed my family and save the money to pay bills... Recently started lifting the odd item of clothing or two for myself because who the hell has money for new clothes now days


Raskel wrote

I'm not a lifter yet, but I want to start as a way to lessen my grocery bill. Gonna lift what I can from big box stores so I can shell out in more local stores that need it.


Popman007 wrote

I have 3 reasons and 2 goals. Reaons

  1. I want things but dont want to pay for it. Period.
  2. It's too easy not to do it. I think of all the shit ive paid for over the years and why?
  3. I am an compulsive- addictive soul. It's that simple. Used to be alcohol, then my job, then sex, then different collections, and now this. I tend to go hog wild on something and thats that. I steal everyday sometimes multiple times. Goals
  4. Personal use. I take things I want or as a gift for someone else.
  5. Resale- Either for A) to pay for things I want that i cant lift. Or B) to save for vacations.

It's really that simple.


chocolatefreckle wrote

I'm a fucking klepto. Tried to convince myself that it was for ethical reasons but i'll carhop now if I gotta.