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tookleptotofunction wrote

Gas Station Encounters! That guy is great. If I were a small business owner, that’s how I would treat shoplifters, especially the stupid ones. And his store has signs ALL OVER that say you are being filmed and it goes on the Internet. Leave gas stations alone. Go fuck with Walmart.


Positif OP wrote

It’s hilarious to me because of how stupid they are. Like they LOOK STRAIGHT AT THE CAMERAS and they STILL CONCEAL RIGHT THERE.. it’s hilarious.


tookleptotofunction wrote

So many inexperienced people do this! I have no idea why. It must be a weird instinct or something. Maybe they are in conflict with themselves and their inner self wants to be caught. Or yeah. Just stupid. I don’t get it.


swaspie wrote

I love that channel! Though it makes me anxious wondering if the stores I lift from might be like that, but big companies probably won’t care enough to this extent.


tookleptotofunction wrote

Not that they don’t care or have people who wouldn’t do this. They just can’t. Too much fallout on social media and lawsuit payouts. It’s all about profit. As long as the losses are less than what the corporate would have to pay to prevent them, shoplifters win.

That’s why it’s dumb to pay for anything. These losses are an expected part of business and as long as someone isn’t paying, I am not going to pay either. The store, company that sold the goods to the store, or insurance companies pick up the tab for us and I have zero moral dilemma with any of that.