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BigGeorge wrote (edited )

because the founder of the forum was savvy enough to put 'forum for shoplifting' at the top of the sidebar, so now it's the top result on all the search engines.


RaddlemeDude wrote

This isn’t good though. This sub forum could get shut down just like it did on Reddit.


thief moderator wrote

Not possible unless the owner of the site goes rogue. r/shoplifting only got deleted because reddit was cracking down and shut down more illegal forums.

Owner of raddle isn’t like that. At all


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

i was wondering why it shoplifting disappeared from the sidebar on the front page. it mainly was due to all the shootings, and reddit dint want to be held liable for any crimes commited, or alledgely by those forums.


Noizekoarr wrote

Holiday season probably? Also colder weather means big jackets that are easy to conceal in. I know that's one of the reasons I've gone harder at it.


FormerRetailStoreManager wrote

No idea, but I’m enjoying the more substantial posts beyond the usual, “How do I shoplift?” and “What kind of magnet do I buy?”