PSA: Before you lift, make sure you know your local laws regarding being detained by LP.

Submitted by thekraken in Shoplifting (edited )

The oh-so-hillarious folks over at /r/lossprevention on Reddit put up this little gem the other day and it made me realize some of our comrades here on the good guy's team might not actually know if they can legally be detained / what happens if they refuse to accompany LP when caught.

While it varies by jurisdiction, many many places won't allow LP to get physical with you in any circumstance. In lots of places, they really have no authority to forcibly detain you, and could get in severe trouble if they try to, should you decline to cooperate with them. Don't be a sucker who just blindly does what you're told by 'authority' if you're caught, make sure you know what you can and cannot do, and decide accordingly what the best option is should some mall-cop actually get lucky and notice you.

Be safe, and rob the motherfuckers blind this holiday season!


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Amberzey wrote

I saw this post and laughed. Shut up with your $8 an hour rent a cop job. No offense to the normal people working for $8 an hour. Lol.


Newt wrote

LP assholes think they're tough guys. But they'd shit their lacy panties if a real criminal ever confronted them with a weapon.


MhikeiMPC wrote

Youre quite wrong here, whether LP can go hands on depends on corporate/store policy, not laws. LP can go hands-on in all states, including detainment. The only trouble they will be getting into is with their boss, not the law, and there are still store chains such as Target that will allow LP to do so. This doesn't mean LP will follow policy all the time, some really will catch feelings and will run after you.

This also doesn't mean you should run all the time, sometimes you need to accept defeat. For example, if you're surrounded by multiple 6'' guys, unless you can really run fast you are better off cooperating. If all you get is a tap on the back, run outta there.


thekraken wrote (edited )

Unlawful detainment sure is a crime where I live, and that applies to stores trying to forcibly keep you in. If they're not law enforcement and you're not hurting someone else, they're not allowed to touch you. Where you live, maybe not. It most certainly does vary by state/country/province/whatever.


Steelreign wrote

Target AP is "hands on" and the company has a deal with the state where they can detain you without any consequences as long as the apprehension follows policy.