Why do you lift?

Submitted by kurtzie in Shoplifting (edited )

Do you lift for a thrill, convenience? I personally love the rush of stealing things! Sorry!


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Pop wrote (edited )

I want things and there is no ethical consumption under capitalism

solution: theft


ThisIsLogicCalling wrote

So trading with other people in a mutually beneficial contract is not ethical?


yam123 wrote (edited )

There are many of those contracts but the ultimate benefitiary is only one person when business gets very big. The boss. And no boss in the world would ensures everyone in the company will receive a fair amount of bonus and compensation as per gross income of a company.


Pop wrote

Not if the items traded are parts of national and international networks of exploitation of the poor and otherwise marginalised

You can't look at capitalism as merely an interaction between two apparently free and equal individuals; there's a broader context of the production of those items and the tendency of wealth to beget more wealth and to create more inequality under capitalism

For as long as the world runs under a profit motive, there will always be incentive to exploit people, there will always be incentive to invent groups to dehumanise so that they may be exploited more


ComradeKitten wrote

I'm poor and I like having nice things.

It feels bad to pay for things at stores like Walmart or Target especially. I save my money for paying the bills and having a small rainy day fund.


stayschemin wrote

Fuck the goverment, its that simple. I've also worked in retail before and people underestimate how horrible it is and the wage you get for it (also, its a lot harder than people think as well).


Newt wrote

I used to lift because I was depressed and pissed off about life.

I mostly lift stuff that I need. Once in a while, I'll lift something extra if I'm in a shitty mood. But I try to keep that to a minimum. The fewer times you lift, the less your chances of being caught. I'm not saying anything against lifting, just that I like to be cautious.


Throwdown321 wrote

same, i havnt lifted in a while, and planning to lift again, but most of the stores have very vigiliant lp in my area, Usually only target is the big box stores. Although i couldve taken advantage of thier mysteriously absent LP, form time to time, i realized they were just hiding somewhere else.


Rage wrote

I want things, however I have no $. That's it.


fuckworldtrade wrote

Its not like anything we steal costs money though. You simply apply the five finger discount and the price disappears.


Artymis wrote

Its weird, I didn't really have a need until one day the thief in my neighborhood (he breaks into everyone's cars and backyards) got into my car. This guy stole my chargers, and some cash I had stuffed into my glove compartment after I bought groceries. The cash was about 40$ since I had paid for groceries with a 100$ bill. That was all my extra money for that month. I was upset, and I knew the fucker who did it too and it frustrated me so much that... there was nothing I could do. I had no proof! So that night a friend asked me to run to the store for him to grab something and gave me the cash to grab it for him. I felt so cheated. I felt like I had to make up for what was taken like I had to break even. So I said 40$ and some chargers to myself a few times. Under normal circumstances I would have been very sensible with my money, used the 40$ that was taken on more groceries or maybe toiletries, but since that money was already "spent" I got myself things I had been wanting. I grabbed bluetooth headphones, chargers, fancy sheamoisture soap, deodorant, bathbombs, a longer hdmi cable. All the stuff made me feel like I had come out ahead of what was taken. And so now that is how I look at it. I'm staying ahead, I must be 2,500$ ahead of that 40$ now. Feels great.


NRTHRLVL wrote (edited )

Lifting as a way of “interacting with the community”. Also I don’t believe I have go by the law because they aren’t MY rules.


sweetmoves wrote

Sometimes it’s because I have an actual need and can’t afford it. Other times it’s a want and...you guessed it, I can’t afford it...lol.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

To save money. I can afford everything I lift. I just like having all the nice stuff I have knowing I didn't pay for it. I also gift some of it.

Occasionally I boost to pad out my retirement account more.


wanab3 wrote

Do you even lift comrade!?

Also, why not?


Ehrie wrote

Honestly, I lift because I'm good at it. I wish I had a better answer, but that's the truth of it. What's the point of having a skill if you put it to use? =)


bluebyrd wrote

I want things (clothes) but they are above $20 and therefore not worth spending money for


Positif wrote

To pay off a debt that my ex left me in.


Hermes wrote

It started with not having money. But then I became good at it and continued in my adulthood. I do it for the thrill, and some things are actually not worth the price tag. It's a nice hobby that is not only fee but actually profitable.


monte_png wrote

because it is easy, because i don't want to pay almost 1000 dollars every month in omnibus (giant comic books) and i like to read


HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

I do it for fun with my friend every weekend cus why not it's fun and you get free stuff


arduinna wrote

I want things, don't have money, and don't really want money anyway. Thus, I take things.


Camark3 wrote (edited )

My reasons for stealing vary. I used to steal from my employers once I became disgruntled. I was an excellent employee doing everything I was supposed to do. At a certain point, I'd get fed up and ask myself, "Why?" Why was I busting my ass for multi-million dollar companies who don't care about me and exploit their workers. I'd make myself feel better by taking the merchandise we sold.

Later, I began stealing from other retailers because we are now on one income. I am not contributing to the household financially and feel bad that the burden is on my hardworking spouse. So now I lift to help ease the burden. Deodorant, cleaning supplies, OTC medicine, etc.


lift2lift wrote

I lift because things are just too expensive. Every day necessities add up. I also lift so my kids have everything like clothes and underwear. I don’t lift to sell. I lift to provide my family with things I can’t afford. I lift food also. I’m not proud that I have to do this but it’s the only way to get by.