Witnessed a beer walk out

Submitted by DapperDan in Shoplifting (edited )

So im leaving an albertsons last night when I noticed a customer frantically motioning outside.A cashier and what I assume was a manager,casually walked up to a car where several teens were tossing cases of beer in from their cart.The manager took a picture of their license plate and that's was it.He casually walked back inside.I learned several things from this along with amusement.1.They don't have lp. 2 They don't chase or confront. 3 They apparently don't give a shit.Anyone witnessed something like this,and thought jackpot?


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Avalon wrote

Sounds like what we call juoksukaljat in Finland.


Throwdown321 wrote

The albertsons i go to, have security, and they would stop people.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

They did it all wrong. The way to do it is no one noticed and you stroll to your vehicle without a care in the world.