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Lifted_Hickory wrote

Hardly matters. Not a big deal. Everyone makes too big a deal. I got caught at a major national retailer with $800 in merch, basically a whole cart load. Spent 4 hours in a holding cell, got released. Got court date 6 months later, deferred sentence, 40 hrs community service, theft class, and 6 months probation. That's it.

I've lifted every day since, and never even given a second look. I've gotten at least 10,000 in merch since for personal use, and boosted about $3000. I just switched jobs with no issue, and will be making 15-20K more per year in the new one. Oh and I was in a government job when I got caught, they knew and no problem. So the whole you get caught your life is over is kind of BS. If you have marketable job skills with a strong career skill set and are a good candidate you get hired. So yep, lift on and prosper.



This is the truth and good on you for saying it.

Good luck lifting and stay safe.