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so I want to get some clothes and shoes from the red bullseye store, for personal use because I have like nothing. I get clothes all the time, but how would I go around getting shoes? I can't take shoes into the fitting room, I don't think. I've heard of the basket technique (put shoes in the bottom of the basket then take the basket into the fitting room) but even small shoes are pretty big and it would probably make a noticeable dent.

Do red bullseye's LP ever go home, or do they ever stop monitoring cameras? My location closes at 11 pm, and I only have one in my town. The self checkout is pretty closely monitored.


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Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

The most common method of stealing shoes is wearing them out. Be careful bc some stores know their products really well and know that new shoes will squeak on linoleum floors, make sure its carpeted.

I've gotten Jordan's and air maxes at the Nike store concealing them and wearing them out but wearing them out is dangerous.

I hit nordstrom's rack for shoes all the time. I just wear those out.

Kohls is easy, just take a pair and stash it in another part of the store, come back in an hour and put them on and wear them put or conceal them.

Most people wear in flip flops from five below or the dollar store

I wouldn't be caught dead in target shoes