Macy's tips and tricks

Submitted by macspy in Shoplifting

So my Macy's in VA has horrible security. The staff don't walk around and just keep to themselves. The changing rooms have no staff in them or cameras near it. And they sell name brand stuff upwards of $300+. So It's a score just based on that. But I still like to be cautious because I live a few blocks away and don't want to ruin this perfect opportunity.

Yesterday I stole 2 $80 belts and one $225 leather jacket. I go in after school so I already have a school bag on. The easiest way was to just hide the belts and jackets under another jacket and pants. Then walk into the changing rooms and rip off the plastic tags (they had the RFID alarms under the price tag), and the tag that requires a hook is actually really easy to tear apart. So then I put it in my bag and walked back out with the jacket and pants so it looked like I went in and came out with everything.

I want to go back tomorrow and try to get some nice ties and maybe a tux if it'll fit in the bag!

Anymore tips? Is this too risky?


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Macy5 wrote

Lol. Buy from Macy to get their bags and reuse them as much as you like(remember to use cash)



Lurkerz1 wrote

Just make sure you dont go to often and not purchase anything otherwise someone may wonder why your always there but literally never buy a thing then decide to watch you closer.


Happy202 wrote

Do the ink tags on macy clothing make the alarms go off and start beeping or not. and how do you take them off without a magnet?


macspy wrote

Ink tags usally don't, but I just rip them off with my hands. They are attached by a little metal pin, that if bent back n forth a couple times it will snap. Not too hard to break but I would do it in a changing room first.


Throwdown321 wrote

have you seen any of thier LP around? it is kind risky, because your doing it like that. i ASSUMe its in a mall, since macys are usually attached to one, and school students go there often? the macy near the school i used to go to , closed down and sold it for 10s of millions.(just 1 store), theres usually no one in macies, because of the absurd prices. The macy that got closed down was a pretty huge 1 story macies, so i would assume its easy to just walk out after concealing. Having a 2 story macy helps even more.