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Amberzey wrote

Depends if you're going to be able to bail her out if she gets caught (whether that be juvie or just if LP stops her and makes her call her "guardian")


arduinna wrote

Sure more useful than what they get in school.


sudo wrote

Go ahead, just be sure to teach her things like not to steal from mom & pop stores, and not to get cocky, etc.


nighttimeartwork wrote

Definitely teach her. If she is interested in stealing then she will do it anyway, so better to show her the tricks and explain the risks.


thebootyholebandit wrote

I would teach her the tricks but also the risks (meaning you don't want your Niece to snitch you out the minute she did something stupid and got caught). Because i just imagine her making some successful lifts (ones that are risky) and then trying to lift from the Banana Republic or Sephora or any other really hard store to steal from.