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Amberzey wrote

At one of the ones in my area, all hygiene stuff has the stickers like that. The other day I was getting deodorant and the sticker was inside the lid. I check everything, but that was a first. They've had towers for at least 5 yrs around here. I like the older stores, the newer ones have wider aisles and fewer blind spots. Not impossible of course, just inconvenient.


Newt wrote

Where I'm at, it's the opposite - the older stores have tons of cameras and towers, while the newer stores are more lax.

I knew they had stickers on things like lotion, but I'm really glad I set off those towers BEFORE leaving, rather than while I was leaving. It was great that some other guy was walking in at the time, so if anyone had noticed, it would've looked like it was him.

Just for fun, I'd like to peel off a bunch of those stickers, and slap them on carts people are using, while they have their backs turned. Can you imagine those towers going off again and again. Lol, they'd probably call in a repairman to see wtf was happening.