tips for a first ever lift

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there has to be a guide for us lifting newbies out here. how do i even start? im a broke ass hoe YIKES and I need hair dye lmao

also any thoughts/experiences on lifting at shoppers drug mart? or hot topic?


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bwqrdsaf wrote

1: if the alarm beeps, just keep walking. Pretend you never heard it. Best if you have a phone to make it look like you're engaged in a very deep conversation and didn't hear anything.
2: if you are stopped, don't hit anyone. This will make things much worse. Drop stuff then run. Most stores in US are hands off and will give up if you run.
3: if you drive your own car, park far away so the camera can't pick up plate. Better yet, park elsewhere and use public bus.


NewlyLifted wrote

I’m fairly new to the scene, too. I’ve been lifting for about a month, been getting better and faster at it. You probably know enough to get the small items you want but if you really want to step up your lifts, these are all of the resources i used to be pretty proficient for a newbie.





https://raddle.me/f/Shoplifting - General thread




Don’t know if you’ll use these and you’ve probably seen the raffle.me ones but the others are pretty useful too. Good luck and stay discrete :)

Review these and you're golden. Definitely an important tip is to 1: take it slow! no need to rush into something large. After all, you aren't losing anything by working your way up to your goal. What you will get though is confidence, experience, and a better idea of strategies. 2: TRUST YOUR GUT. You've seen that one, I'm sure, but it's vital. If you don't feel safe or confident then get out and cool off. Last thing you need is to be unsure of being caught and it turning up badly. Hope this helps, I know it helped me and it may do the same for you


HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

If you're lifting hair dye do the method that works on all items which come in a loose cardboard box: simply squeeze the top of the box where it opens and pop it opens as quick as possible and slip the items in your purse. And there's a very high chance that hair dye has no security on it at all.

Do it in a drugstore where you can browse till you notice all the employees are busy.

At sally beauty it'll be a lot harder for a first time.


Newt wrote

I've squashed cardboard boxes like this, too, but I never put them in a bag of any kind. Wear a loose top with slightly tight pants so nothing falls out, then shove the item into your pants. Then, if somebody wants to check your bag, purse, backpack, whatever, they won't find anything.


Throwdown321 wrote

hit grocery stores, avoid stores with a security guard, ditch your stuff if a security guard is following you. Take only small items like candy,maybe a soda or two, no chips since the bag makes alot of sound.


HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

I second this. I recently rediscovered the fact that grocery stores carry a lot of the expensive stuff I usually get from drug stores except they have basically zero security


zx1300 wrote

If you want to lift hair dye, get it from sally's or hot topic, those are EASY. go in with a bag and browse around. wait till the cashier is distracted and duck down, add the stuff to the bag, browse around a bit more than leave like a minute later. it doesn't trigger alarms. I got like 10 arctic fox dyes at one time at hot topic. came back a month later id it again. but cycle out the locations, don't go too often and don't do too many patterns and occasionally shop legitimately