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Submitted by kurtzie in Shoplifting

Sorry im probably getting a bit annoying im kinda new and a bit paranoid. I've seen multiple people talking about you cant get arrested if you didn't steal over 25. Is this cumulative or at once?


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youbuyingweselling wrote

it doesnt matter, im not getting caught no matter what. worst come to worst i drop the merch and hit the legs and get off the property, but it rarely ever gets to that.


youbuyingweselling wrote

i had a cop come to my residence after the fact, because LP got my plates just on suspension. i knew my rights and knew i hadnt done anything illegal YET (i was staging golf clubs and then purchasing them via concealment so i was getting +400 dollar golf clubs for like 30-40 lol), so i told the cop to gtfo and nothing ever came of it.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

Just go in to every lift with the idea that if you get caught by LP you are getting charged and PD is on the way. So do whatever you can to get away but be mindful of not doing anything that will get you a enhanced charges. Unless you know you will get away before PD shows up and they won't be able to find out who you are.


Megalomaniac wrote (edited )

If you're talking about Walmart, it's a myth. It really depends on the AP/store. If you get caught and you comply regardless of the amount you can be arrested. It might be uncommon in some places, but it is still very much a possibility.


Throwdown321 wrote

its forgivable if your a minor, and ONLY if someone picks you up, and there you have to face your parents or whoever will pick you up. Its possible if you have money to avoid the stolen product they may allow you to leave with it, the minor thing still applies here. if your stealing in the hundreds of dollars and get caught, probably police is getting called at this point. if your an adult stealing, arrest is possible. thats why its important, like other people on this sub said, walk or run away as soon as you trigger an alarm, or an lp/employee is chasing you. once police is called you most likely will get a fine, court summons, petty theft charged and will be booked(recorded in your criminal history).