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DontThinkJustTake wrote

Sephora in JCP is usually not worth it, because JCP LP rules apply to it and as far as I know they usually can get hands on. That being said, they usually have a display near the outside of the store in JCP, like rack or along the outer edge. Easiest and blindest place to pick something from, palm it, and walk off. You should still be outside the Sephora kinda or just inside it when you do this (that’s the outer shelving for ya). Just act like you’re checking stuff out. Don’t dawdle in JCP.


Positif wrote

I primary go to the mall when lifting. I always try to at least buy one thing, so that I can get a bag from said store that's big enough to conceal, and doesn't look suspicious enough to be carrying around. My last lift I got a pair of pants, 2 shirts, a sweater, 4 sets of earrings and some tights for $24. Only thing I actually bought were the pants. I've heard that Sephora is very hard to steal from, so maybe try Ulta or drugstore makeup? Best of luck!


Throwdown321 wrote

Must be a pretty old mall to still have sears, i know 1 mall that still has a sears.


Macy5 wrote

Just ask for a dear bag and thrown the stuff you want inside the bag. Gg