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IhatetheFBI69 wrote

Electric toothbrush boxes have source tags inside with the spider alarm on the outside, which makes it useless to take off the spider wrap. You need a jammer, emergency exit play, or just tank the alarm.


Throwdown321 wrote

electronics often have multiple source tags. usually only way to defeat it, without opening it is using foil, or the radio blocking fabrics.


youbuyingweselling wrote

it all depends. some items are guaranteed to be source tagged and some items is on store to store basis. you kinda have to learn this sense about what is some popular items people steal and then deviate from that.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

When there is a tag inside the box it is placed by the manufacturer hence why it is referred to as a source tag. Yes there are alot of electronics and high theft items that will be source tagged and have spider wrap.

Don't always count on people when they say certain companies don't source tag either. Anker for example predominantly sells on web based retailers so they don't source tag but I have recently seen they have an RFID sticker they put on the box that says something to the effect of brick and mortar retail tag. That RFID will set off the towers, unless you slice it.


Macy5 wrote

Well. Inside the box. There might be a metal tag sticker

That’ll set off the door