Would This Method Work?

Submitted by kurtzie in Shoplifting

I was thinking of lifting from a Walmart near me. I'm relatively new to shoplifting and i was wondering if I bought an energy drink from a nearby dollar store and walking into Walmart with the bagged energy drink and walking out with a $20.00 item in the bag with the energy drink through the garden section would work. Thanks in advance!


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Drshoplifter wrote

if someone asks you for a receipt, dont stop. they cant do anything.


Newt wrote

One old bitch greeter physically confronted me and wouldn't let me leave without seeing my receipt. I had never stolen anything in my life, and I kept asking her why she wanted to see my receipt. I finally showed it to her, and I complained to the manager about her hassling me when I had done nothing wrong. The manager didn't do shit about it.

That's when I decided to start stealing from Walmart. If you treat me like a thief, I'll act like one.


Amberzey wrote

Usually there is someone at the gate checking receipts. I'd be careful.