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Thanksreddit OP wrote

Please tell me who you think this is then. Even my super targets aren't opened 24hrs


Throwdown321 wrote

they dint really mention anything about walmart, whatever they are saying its extremely vague. Targets is something else, Target considers themselves more bougie than walmart, but they are just an expensive walmart, with less selections. They are pretty aggressive in pursuing both shoplifting, internal theft. Super targets tend to be on the newer side, and often appear in inner cities. Mall targets are probably the oldest types, but most are turning into supertargets, best place to steal is the full size targets with mall entrances. One target i used to go to, removed 1 of its main entrances, so now customers and shoplifters are funneling in just 1 entrance. Probably targets way of combatting shoplifting to the extreme.


Thanksreddit OP wrote (edited )

Nicr try aps. They say 24/7 and mention night shift. Seriously? ! You'll never catch me if they send your dumbass to catch me