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Submitted by fishmagician in Shoplifting (edited )

I want one of the gaming laptops at Best Buy. I'm unsure if I could pick this case without being noticed, due to its positioning. If I ask for a laptop out of one out of the locked cases for purchase, would I be able to hand it off to a friend while I have the employee show me some accessories, have them stage it and leave?

As for the displays they are equipped with a USB alarm, above counter. Can anyone think of a way to defeat this 100db alarm? I could inject it with water, sealant? Somehow depower it? Thanks.



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Throwdown321 wrote

employees usually hold on the electronics when your asking for it, so its a no go. you need to do recon first, go there like other poster said, examine what kind of locks they are using, and order one online according to it. Is the alarm on the cages, or display cabinet when you try to force it open? maybe you can do a experiment, ask for an item in the display case, and see if the employee disable the alarms first, if not then the alarm might not affect you stealing from the locked compartments.


Macy5 wrote


Bad idea bad idea bad idea

Wtf bro. You have no plans.

The Employee isn’t going to risk their job/ future job for $20 or $100 bucks even. They’re not going to leave shit out.

Best situation for you. Go to Best Buy. Check out what kind of locks they have.

Buy the locks online. Come back to Best Buy. Wear a blue shirt/black pants. Make it look like you are working for them.

Open lock and grab your stuff and do what you have to do. Or go to the back and “throw” out some gaming laptops lol. Then you leave store and pick it up in the back.


terrificbuilder wrote

it's way easier to just go to a university library and grab an unattended one. Like painfully easy to pull that off. especially during exam times. One year I brought in an empty backpack and grabbed about 5 to 6 laptops that were unattended at study desks.


Icetraythegang wrote

Fuck you dude. You’re going to a hot place soon for stealing from broke college students. Especially since 90% of classes require one