b&n board games with electronic alarm tags

Submitted by zx1300 in Shoplifting

I've lifted from b&n before with books and board games, but I haven't attempted to take these board games that have on the plastic a tag thing on back that is an electronic looking code that says it's an alarm. If I cut the plastic off would that get rid of the alarm or is there also something inside of the box that gets deacitvated at checkout?


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Thanksreddit wrote

You just peel them off or slice them in half. Its a circuit and if you break it, the tag stops working


Macy5 wrote

Same here. I would like to know too.

Since I’ll be taking a lot of mangas from Barons and Nobles :3


zx1300 wrote

don't forget to walk along the edge of the store that way when you get to the exit you just slip on out too!


Macy5 wrote

Ohhh. That’s your style?

I’ll keep that in mind

But for me. Hmmm I’ll be taking like 15+ mangas haha.

I’ll probably take 2 trips with my “leather Office+Laptop bag” load them up. Walk out. Unload and come back again. Load up and walk out

Then come back like 1-2 monthes later hahaha