Would a fake receipt work?

Submitted by MinecraftLad in Shoplifting (edited )

Could I get a receipt printer and print fake receipts for something massive, like a TV, and then when I get to the receipt checker show them my fake receipt for the TV and then just walk straight out or would they have some way to check receipt numbers or something, especially if its that big?


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Lifted_Hickory wrote

They would match the serial number. So you could go to the store and make sure you put the serial off the box on your fake receipt. Still risky as LP would likely be watching a TV go through the store. But hey I've heard of plenty successful grab and runs with TVs so it's possible.


youbuyingweselling wrote

im not even trying to have contact with anyone in the store if at all possible. TVs are one the easiest items if done with the quickness.