Walkouts or ?

Submitted by Sneaky in Shoplifting (edited )

All over the forum people emphasize getting the goods and then getting the fuck out. Would buying a small item at the front after you conceal your haul lessen suspicion? Or is minimizing time in the store your best bet? It seems like walking out repeatedly without buying anything would get you noticed after a while...


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HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

It completely depends on your gut feeling of how well you pulled off concealing. If you think that you did a real magic trick making the stuff disappear into your purse then buying a small item will help you blend in if you want to be able to hit that store over and over. But at the end of the day it's completely unnecessary and at worst it can give the store cops time to block you...


Istealurshit69 wrote

It depends on how busy the store is. If store is busy, it doesn't matter either way because you are just a needle in a haystack.


Thanksreddit wrote

I'm convinced those that say get in and out are lp trying to get you to make their life easier or those that fell for their speil. I don't look suspect so I have no problem staying awhile. Shopping for awhile lessens the heat on you. As for buying something I don't think it matters but I do put things back just in case some one was watching, it gives me a time gap to get away while they check to see if I put the lifted item back.


youbuyingweselling wrote

you got to put in recon, if possible. i dont try and hit the same store over and over again but i do however keep track any changes a store would make. the only time i will "shop" is when im walking out with like a container full of something or like groceries or whatever. most stores that have cameras probably arent gonna have people sitting and watching them at that very moment so take that as you will. its pretty easy to tell what stores can afford to do this.


ifthreewerenine wrote

Yeah, if you're hitting the same place regularly, it's going to look kinda weird if you're always walking out without buying anything.


zx1300 wrote

It depends on how big the store is I would think and also how much time you take between you trips. I suggest taking notes in a journal on when you went, and cycle between stores you're lifting at that , that way there are long time periods between going to the same stores since you're cycling between multiple ones. Occasionally go into the store to do legit shopping too.