iPhone X (near the Apple Store)

Submitted by Happy202 in Shoplifting

There are theses group of people that don't work for Apple that come into the apple store everytime a new iphone releases. The buy at least 20 of those iphones each and put them in there car. I was wondering if i follow them outside then i can pretend that i accidently fell and kick there bag out of their hands when i fall then help them put the iphone back in their bag and sneak and i phone in my own bag. Do you have any tips or advice?


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Lurkerz1 wrote

Clearly you CAN do this,whether itll work we cant say but I would say my opinion is itll be fucking hard to somehow in the middle of knocking there bag down sneak the big box iPhones come in out of the bad unnoticed


Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

Yeah go jump off a tall bridge preferably over a train yard


Happy202 wrote

Can you do it first


Avalon wrote

Even if this post isn't shoplifting related, the rules still exist. No moralizing.