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[deleted] wrote


BeardedLifter wrote

After the way CVS treated me when I worked there when I was 17, I make every effort to fuck them.


zx1300 wrote

walgreens is also shit too, after a year of working there they only wanted to give a .75 cents raise. The boss and cops also viciously tried to blame me and other employees for when there was a group stealing tons of alcohol there pretty blatantly too. The group never got caught and this went on for months. Seeing that happen, seeing how they got away with it, and being treated bad like that and paid shit wages, combined with other past experiences and reflections on society , made me totally declare war essentially on society and start taking what I deserve.


Macy5 wrote

Lol. Ehhhhh. I still have my morals? XD

5k is a bit much but if you got away. Ayeee you got away lol