Thank You

Submitted by Megalomaniac in Shoplifting

Just wanted to thank everyone in this community. There's a lot of excellent advice here, and many friendly & helpful members looking out for one another. I don't trust many anymore, but it's really great knowing there's at least one place in the world where there's still honor (among thieves). Sad I'd probably trust most of y'all than someone local. lol...

Anyways, thanks to said advice I had my first real haul in a long time. Beyond everyday items/groceries and simply not scanning (which I also did but still.) Just got back & pretty excited. Little shaky from the rush.

14 cans of cat food ranging from $.68-$1.08ish each for my senior kitteh, 3x $19.99 hair spray, and a $75ish Lego X-Wing that if I didn't need the cash would probably assemble, spray paint gold, and use as a trophy of sorts. (Would have had a bitchin new shirt, but used it as a "this isn't scanning" to throw off some attention at the last second.)

Baby steps for me, but it certainly helped build confidence. Maybe I'll graduate to electronics sooner rather than later. Maybe not & stick to toy or misc. reselling, but either way definitely re-finding my way again. For better or worse, for the first time in a long time I feel like "me" again. (Yay Chaotic Neutral alignment! πŸ˜…)

But yeah, thanks again. And I wish you all the best on your hunts. Live long and prosper, fam. πŸ––


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Amberzey wrote

I personally don't care if someone's haul is 50 cents or 5k. The way the system is set up, they deserve us taking from them. I've worked for all kinds of shitty companies from gas stations to fast food to check cashing and now, finally, in coding and billing. Even though I can absolutely afford not to lift and boost, I still do because fuck them.


BeardedLifter wrote

After the way CVS treated me when I worked there when I was 17, I make every effort to fuck them.


zx1300 wrote

walgreens is also shit too, after a year of working there they only wanted to give a .75 cents raise. The boss and cops also viciously tried to blame me and other employees for when there was a group stealing tons of alcohol there pretty blatantly too. The group never got caught and this went on for months. Seeing that happen, seeing how they got away with it, and being treated bad like that and paid shit wages, combined with other past experiences and reflections on society , made me totally declare war essentially on society and start taking what I deserve.


Macy5 wrote

Lol. Ehhhhh. I still have my morals? XD

5k is a bit much but if you got away. Ayeee you got away lol


BeardedLifter wrote

Haha, yeah, I'm so glad I found this community. So nice to share tips and hauls etc. I thought I was maybe the only one who got shit for my cat. I get those $1.79 fancy feast snack things that are stupidly over priced all the time. Just today too. Plus I got these attachments (flashlight and poop bag holder) that clip onto the leash. lmao $23 each today. It's crazy how over priced some stuff is. Wish I would've lifted the $35 leash now that I think back. Yeah, though! Keep it small until you're comfortable again :) I remember when I started how nervous I was on a $1.49 keychain from Hobb Lobb. Stay safe out there!


SecretKitten wrote

Yeah im glad I found this community too! Shoplifting shouldnt even be that big of a deal. It shouldnt even be illegal. I also steal stuff for my dog and cat. Their medications can get expensive but im glad I steal it. I dont have to spend as much money as I used to. Except the larger things that I cant conceal. Also it gives me a rush of excitement.


zx1300 wrote

It is awesome and I'm glad you all here too. Fuck the system and society that expects us to like slaves and not have anything. Take it all!


Sneaky wrote (edited )

Did you use a bag for the conceal? That’s quite a bit of stuff


Megalomaniac wrote

Had a re-useable shopping bag for some groceries (frozen/refrigerated foods mostly)/the catfood, the lego thing wouldn't fit in a bag so just had it sitting at the bottom of the cart as I placed bags on top of it while checking out (if I did it again would probably put a large bag of dry cat food/litter on top of it), and the hair care products fit in two pockets.


ifthreewerenine wrote

Where do you flip games and whatever? eBay?


Megalomaniac wrote (edited )

I don't do games. Yet. But yeah either eBay or Marcari... both and delist whichever one doesn't sell fast.