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Lifted_Hickory wrote

I would just go to a different location but same store as my target. Get different barcodes ripped off a similar but significantly cheaper product then trim the barcode to fit the one on the item that I want. Put some double stick tape and go to the target location and place the barcode over the original one. Yes, avoid placing the items in the bagging area to avoid the scale flipping out on you. I usually only will approach the self checkout on when the attendant is occupied helping someone else, then quickly scan your items, pay in cash and leave.

It helps to discreetly observe the self checkout prior to approach to note if the attendant is focused on their job or a disinterested person. The focused ones will usually observe everyone and pay attention to their screen watching that what they see people scan matches what is scanned.

I also after scanning the items one by one will discreetly remove the fraudulent barcodes and try to dispose of them in a stealthy fashion.