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Megalomaniac wrote

Yeah, don't place it on the scale. Do it at a busy time when their attention is split. If you're super paranoid maybe do it on grocery day/when you have a lot of other times, and then have that item scanned in the middle of everything. Let it get lost within the list. And obv. don't do it if they're standing near you/hovering.

I'm not sure how self-checkout cameras are, to be honest. There's only been one in which I've had any issues with. But those automated and just mainly watched hand motions, speed of scanning, etc. and recorded you, said "please wait for assistance" and summed a rep, then played back the "suspicious" video. Machine asks if the item needs to be rescanned by customer or not. Apparently they get triggered a lot by normal shoppers though.

Also think that may be only at high theft stores though. So far anyways. Just know your store and you should be fine. Trust your instinct. If it's a new store/you suspect it might be high theft location, lowkey watch others and see how sensitive the machines/cameras are.