Have you ever?

Submitted by ami_strange in Shoplifting

Has anyone ever stolen a puppy from a pet shop? Saw a article about people who go to pet shops and steal small breed puppies to sell..One lady put 2 pomeranians down her pants and walked out. I like to lift but a puppy? I mean,if I'm gonna steal a puppy,I'm gonna keep it!!



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Yourlocallifter wrote

That’s unusual but hey the puppy would need to stay silent and you would need to get out as soon as you can


ifthreewerenine wrote

Or you could just pay the tiny adoption fee from a shelter? IDK stealing animals feels shady to me for some reason.


lift_fever wrote

That’s kidnapping bruh lmao


GrimWillow wrote

More like pupsaving


OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

Hey, that would be like Rodney Coronado and ALF in microcosm. I'd love to liberate a puppy and keep him if I could take care of a puppy.

I have ethical issues about rescuing single pet shop victims with money and perpetuating the whole "puppy mill" system but if you're saving an animal from an abusive system that values money more than the puppy's life, you are NOT kidnapping, you are rescuing an innocent victim without giving in to terrorists.

Look, i have no business being here upvoting and clapping the way I do and I've been honest about that. You Robin Hoods have been indoctrinated so deeply that sometimes I just can't resist poking my nose where it doesn't belong and saying:

No. You are not the troublemakers, the corporations are. You are the heroes. Your actions may be small, but they are real direct action that has a small impact while all my philosophizing and hand wringing has NO impact.

That is why I am moralizing. In this case, stealing is GOOD for the puppy, good for the puppy's new person, and the only harm done is the right where it's going to hurt the puppy's abusers the most.

'Nuff said. has anybody ever successfully lifted a puppy and can I listen in?