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thekraken OP wrote (edited )

Yeah, especially closer to the Christmas holidays. It gets to be a mad-house in most of the bigger stores around those times, and everyone is in bulky everything. LP are on high alert, but really, their job is near impossible in conditions like that. I successfully walked out of a big-box store with a 40" TV on Boxing Day one year (day after Christmas in Canada, it's like our 'Black Friday') due to all the chaos. While I don't actually recommend doing THAT, concealing smaller items in similar conditions will be trivial.


ziq wrote

Wow that's some score. I guess Black Friday over there would be a prime day for lifting?


martasultan wrote

Shit yeah it is. Too much for any LP to actually handle anything; I know one person who got out of Walmart with a fucking TV, and never got caught for it.


HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

Yeah black Friday is like shooting fish in a barrel... The store is a complete madhouse and on top of that there are expensive items lying around that normally might be locked up or behind a counter.

It's basically impossible to stop lifting on black Friday. Normal paying customers act like greedy lifters walking around with armfuls of expensive merch... Practically every person is like