Christmas Tree Shop Sketchy Attempt Today..?

Submitted by BeardedLifter in Shoplifting

My third lift from this store but I have this place down pat. No cameras other than the cosmetics/hair products isles and the rest of the store is free. I swear on my casing the store day a while back I searched the place high and low. My second lift there, I heard a "code 311, John to the front please". But I fucking knew there was no way they got me on cam. Left with what I had without a problem even though I wasn't sure(error I know). Today was going for about $60 worth of shit. Went to a different spot to conceal and I mean, the exact second after I concealed I heard "Code 11 arch wall". So I immediately took the stuff back out and ditched it and left. It sketched me out hardcore. So now twice there's been some kind of code called over the intercom. First time no problem, today didn't wanna risk it. No way it's a coincidence. I don't think this store is very common so maybe some of you wont know what it is, but it's kind of like Home goods. But like a mixture of Homegoods and like a Rite Aid.


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