Few questions about locks

Submitted by DoctorMcSteals in Shoplifting

  1. Where would I get keys for the locks if I can't order any online? Anywhere irl I could "buy" them and/or is there an easy place where employees keep the keys?

  2. What's the highest value items I could get that don't have locks on them?

  3. Any way I could get the items out without a booster? AFAIK there's no outside area at my Walmart but I could be wrong.



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Macy5 wrote

  1. Here is this list. And you can find all the stuff on eBay. The list is so long and I can’t spoon feed it to you.


  1. Well it depends on your area. In my area. The Walmart leaves 128GB and 256GB USB just floating there. With no case or anything. Sooo yeah. It’s pretty free.

I have been to bad neighborhood Walmart where the 16GB are locked up hahaha

  1. Booster just makes sure there is No Signal coming out of anything. So if the store you’re going to lift have the Towers down or the stuff you lift( like Pokémon cards) don’t have tags then you’re free to walk in and grab as much as you like