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How does one know where a blindspot is.

I'm just overthinking this way to much still, all I want to do is get a $1 item for now just to see if it works but I just can't trust it.

I always think a camera might be on me, always think theres one hidden somewhere out of sight that will get me.

any tips for me?


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sudo wrote

It's very rare for hidden cameras to be used on customers. Most grocery stores will only have hidden cameras filming their cashiers, to catch them stealing from the tills. If you look around you and you can't see any cameras from where you are, then you're in a blind spot. Or, if you're in an aisle with a camera on one end, but no camera on the other end, you can face away from the camera and conceal something, using your body as a sort of shield, to create an artificial "blind spot". The same goes for concealing behind a low aisle. The camera might be able to see your face, but if it can't see your hands doing the concealing, then that's a blind spot. Just try to draw a straight line between where you'll be concealing and any camera - if you can't do it, then it's a blind spot.

Of course, you can still be caught even if you concealed off-camera, like if LP check the blind spot and don't find the product you concealed there. They'll know you have it, and they'll get ready to stop you at the exit, assuming you haven't already left. So try not to act suspicious, and they may not start following you on camera / in person at all.


Newt wrote

That's why it's good to grab two of the same item. Put one back either in the blind spot, or in full view of cameras, so LP thinks you ditched the item. Something I've also done occasionally is hand the item to an employee and ask them to put it back, being sure to read their name tag. Then if someone confronts you, just tell them the name of the person you gave it to.


GarbageTimeAllStar wrote

ok massive thanks for all that. I just went to the store i was considering to just walk around and scout, there was a really tight spot between to stacks of water crates in the beverage department. I didn't see any cameras in that section at all, there was one dome at the liquor and wine and one at the meat and cheese counter, I think anotherone in the middle of the whole place between to aisles. I'm not sure If I know every type of camera though, there's water sprinklers everywhere for example, those could be hidden cameras. I doubt they even have LP walking around there at all


Thanksreddit wrote

Consider yourself lucky, I have to travel to a different state two hours away to find a blind spot. Even my grocery stores are blanketed with cameras. I just play the odds, they can't possibly watch a hundred cameras at once


Throwdown321 wrote

with newer tech they can. either they use a software or have a person watching the cams at all time, and they can use the cameras to instantly track you throughout a store.