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Yourlocallifter wrote

Scamming people is just being a dick. I got scammed on csgo for $200 worth of skins. We only shoplift here. We take stuff from big corporations that treat their employees like living trash, not people who can’t take a hit. Fuck outta here with your scamming shit


chadonion wrote

kinda your fault for getting scammed, you gotta think like a scammer when you sell stuff, like what would you do if you were trying to scam yourself


Avalon wrote

"We" also have a no moralizing rule


Yourlocallifter wrote (edited )

Scamming isn’t shoplifting though. Shoplifting is when you steal from a store pretending to be a customer. Scamming is tricking people for personal gain or profit. Get that through your head. I’m totally fine with stealing from big retail chains but I’m not okay with stealing from normal people