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Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

scamming other people turns you into a con-artist, pretty much the idea is that they have very little morals, if anyone gets hurt or in their way, they dont care. i would just go for "slightly, morally better scams" like return item scams from stores or walmart. scamming credit cards is tricky, you probably have to make a fake site, offering fake stuff that people will buy, how will you deal with the credit card companies after that is my guess. you know all those sites that are pretty much"free offer" from games you play. Scamming people is actually a pretty different mindset than shoplifting. if you been scammed before you know how hard it will hit you. I got scammed from buying a textbook, some dude on half.come,ebay. tried to sell a organic chem textbook with solutions, however the solutions manual only came, and it was badly water damaged, and the textbook never came. so i had to do a charge back.