Advice for JB Hi Fi?

Submitted by Ferrosplice in Shoplifting

I've been thinking about getting a headset and maybe a mouse/keyboard from jb hi fi. The one near me doesnt have them in a display case and they are out in the open without so much as spiderwrap. Would those have a tag or something on the outside or inside that set off the towers? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks


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Gizmo wrote

There is usually a square tag on the outside you can easily peel off and that is it. I have gotten about 10 mice from JB and three keyboards at least and haven't set off the alarm once. But just remember even if you do set off the alarm, it doesn't matter, they can't stop you, just keep walking. The security is not allowed to put their hands on you in any way.


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Yourlocallifter wrote

Really? I took a Razer keyboard and an rgb mouse pad at the same time and nothing beeped on me. You must have had something else that was source tagged. Razer usually doesn't source tag.