First walkout! :)

Submitted by BeardedLifter in Shoplifting

So that "Popular game store" you know... The one who gives you 50 cents for a game worth $30 lol... So I realized that most of them only have one employee for the first hour or two when they open. I had to go pretty far from home to the next state to buy way cheaper tobacco and I figured why not scope out one where I'll rarely ever be. Went in, one employee extremely busy stocking shit behind the counter and one camera over the counter. Counter was all the way in the back of the store furthest from the door and like 20 displays all over the place haha. It was paradise. Browsed for about 10 minutes being the only one in there and then someone came in and had a problem and I knew it was my time to shine. Grabbed a card game called "What do you meme". Thirty dollars and in a big ass box that there was no way to conceal. So being it was literally 5 feet from the door picked it up held it in front of my stomach and disappeared. Heart was pounding but I was so hype once I was in the car lol. So yeah only a $30 grab but I was so happy for it being my first walkout. Sucks being a guy and having no bag :/ I envy you ladies haha. My mom gets home and I show it to her and she was like "How the fuck did you manage to get big ass box in your pants lol"


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Ferrosplice wrote

Lmao most chill mom ever. Good walkout tho, a lot of those stores are super easy to steal from.


Lurkerz1 wrote (edited )

Lol nice nice I walked out with a 43 inch 4k TV and 4k blu-,ray player last night https://coinsh.red/p/Dat_4k_.jpg