Saw a kid shoplift

Submitted by liftingisfun in Shoplifting

Was at the Apple store and saw a kid about 12 come in with a backpack and proceed to put his backpack on the floor and grab two sets of headphones Instead of putting them in his backpack he carried his backpack out with both headphones underneath the backpack pressed against his chest and all this took less than a minute. Just wondering I your thoughts on this kind of lift and at what age you started lifting.


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Lurkerz1 wrote

Interesting strategy lol ballsy kid for hitting apple store at fucking 12


Yourlocallifter wrote

That’s fucking dangerous. I only started like 3 months ago and I’m 15


gooey wrote

Should have followed him outside and robbed him of them.


FreezingScreen wrote

I started 2 years ago, and I just turned 18. I hit a apple store once, that was for AirPods. Nobody was paying attention cause of how busy it was, plus the shelf that had the AirPods on it had no camera facing towards it. Was still scary as hell though.


Just4Fun5 wrote

I wanna say I started at like 10 or 11 stealing lego sets and small Christmas gifts for family members.


nighttimeartwork wrote

Good luck to him! I think it's great when kids start stealing while they are young.


ShopliftingIsBadKids wrote

What the hell is wrong with you? It’s a crime and it’s terrible and immoral. Why don’t you fix up your miserable life and quit stealing?


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

As long as you ain't snitching 😂. A bit like the guy who saw me today. He started walking towards a staff member and I walked out of that part of the store as fast as possible. He then pointed to where I was taking tags off. I staged my item and left whilst they went to find me 😀


bwqrdsaf wrote

Candy bars and LEGO sets at about 5 years old. Small stuff that fits in my pocket. I didn't get any of big ticket item until I was about 15 years old when I came across a badly secured portable TV. It was $250 IIRC back in the day when 2" LCD TV were new stuff and expensive as fuck.


liftingisfun wrote

What store and how was it secured?


bwqrdsaf wrote

Store: Target. The portable TVs were supposed to be locked behind glass display but an idiot employee didn't close it completely, the lock tab were sticking out so I was able to raise the glass door and removed one.


Throwdown321 wrote

apples fault for leaving thier flimsy products on a flimsy table, secured by a flimsy cable.